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Important Athlete Information: The three service providers listed here have purchased the right to be the Official Tanning, Hair/Makeup and Photography companies at your show. These Official Service Providers have  financially supported the show in which you are competing. They have the right and privilege to be the official service provider at this event. I highly encourage you to use their services. They have been chosen because they are the best in their business and because their sponsorship dollars are making your show possible. As Official Service Provider they have the exclusive right to be the only provider in the Host Hotel and Contest Venue. All other companies who offer similar services are not allowed to be in the Host Hotel or Contest Venue. If any service providers other than the Official ones try and do business at the Host Hotel or Contest Venue, they will be asked to leave immediately and that service company and any athlete using their services will be subject to disciplinary action by the CPA. You as an athlete may choose any service provider you want to use but they can not be in the Host Hotel or Contest Venue.

Thank you for honouring the rights and privileges of the Official Tanning, Hair/Makeup and Photography businesses who are sponsoring the event you are competing in

Tanning, Tanning, Hair, & Makeup – Bombshell Productions

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Photography – Stone Photography Studios

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