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The 2019 CPA Alberta Summer Naturals
is a Tested Regional Competition.

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For information on all banned substances please visit: globaldro.com/CA/search

About Paramount Performance

Paramount Performance is a Canadian Special Event Promotional Company specializing in Bodybuilding and Fitness events. Much planning goes into organizing an event where athletes from across Canada can enter, attend and compete in. Paramount Performance is dedicated to making these events a special experience for every athlete and audience member. Paramount Performance works closely with Host Hotels, Restaurants, Venues, Sponsors and Local Business to ensure that these events run smoothly and efficiently so that everyone involved has a great experience.

Paramount Performance strives to have everything under one roof so that when you arrive to a show you have your hotel, contest venue, spray tanner, hair & makeup, stage photographer and restaurant all at your finger tips with no need to travel anywhere else.

Paramount Performance recognizes the time, effort and resources it takes to compete and is dedicated to providing athletes with souvenir event t-shirts and gift bags. Overall winners receive an airfare voucher for $500.00 to fly to their next CPA National or Pro Qualifer . Overall winner also receive championship rings and trophy cups. All competitors receive custom made CPA medallions.

Paramount Performance is also dedicated to promoting sponsor businesses.

Without sponsors these events could not be made possible. Every event showcases sponsor trade show areas where athletes and audience members can shop the latest and greatest supplements, clothing and services available. If you wish to advertise your business at any Paramount Performance event please contact the promoter through this website. Paramount Performance believes strongly that the Canadian Physique Alliance is the strongest and best competition stream available because it is the only competition stream that is endorsed by the IFBB Pro League and is the only way for athletes to compete at the Arnold, Olympia or any of the 128 IFBB Pro League contests held annually around the world. Paramount Performance wishes each and every athlete the best of luck in their quest to be their best as they compete with the best!

John Dirks

John started promoting in 2000 for the Alberta Bodybuilding Association and the Canadian Bodybuilding Federation, and now promotes exclusively for the Canadian Physique Alliance. John has a Bachelors Degree in Education majoring in Physical Education.
John has been a School Teacher for many years.  John has also managed gyms, been a certified personal trainer and actively competed in bodybuilding.

John has promoted bodybuilding and fitness shows for close to 20 years for the Alberta Bodybuilding and Canadian Bodybuilding Associations.
John believes strongly that the athlete is the most important part of any event. As such John has chosen to promote for the Canadian Physique Alliance.

The CPA is sanctioned by the IFBB Pro League who support athletes in their quest to become an IFBB Pro League athlete and hopefully one day compete at the Olympia, Arnold or any of the 128 other IFBB Pro League contests around the world. John is convinced that the CPA is the future of bodybuilding and fitness in Canada and is dedicated to helping athletes experience the best competitions possible. If you are interested in being a part of any of the CPA shows that John promotes in Alberta please contact him as soon as possible.

John Dirks of Paramount Performance